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A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Tout New Age EP (CD)

Out of Print

ASDiG will be hitting the road this summer for their first ever cross country tour. Available at shows will be a handmade, limited edition, tour only ep featuring 7 new tracks from the band and 1 track "laughter (victims)" only previously available on their out of print ep the sunniest day ever. July 10th, the Tuesday after the tour is completed, tracks on this cd will be available for purchase in digital form on itunes + emusic + other music + insound + amazon and many others


1. they made my baby care about things that didn't matter

2. laughter (victims)

3. summerlong silences

4. the ossifrage (tout new age)

5. take care of yourself (our next breath will be our last)

6. yellow

7. shame, who wouldn't think it's evil? (let's get beat-up)

8. hugs & kisses (theme from a sunny day in glasgow)