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A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Scribble Mural Comic Journal (CD)

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It all began as the bedroom projects of Ben Daniels and Ever Nalens. Ben moved to London, England for a girl and wound up just walking around a lot. Moving to Glasgow, Scotland to go to art school, Ever didn't realize there was a place on earth, outside of the poles, where the sun might not be visible for weeks at a time. He was completely unprepared for the effects of this upon his state of mind. Suffice it to say, sunny days in Glasgow had a profound impact on him. Returning to Philadelphia deeply affected by their respective experiences, the two began collaborating on little recordings made with radio shack microphones in Ben's apartment.

After a while Ever gave up to focus on pictures, but Ben continued on, bringing in his sister, Robin, on vocals. After another short while, sister Lauren was brought in to fill out the sound and the group began to record in earnest on Ben's new laptop with a nice new condenser mic. In March of 2006 they self-released an EP titled, "The Sunniest Day Ever", which was met with a great deal more radio-play and press than any of them had ever expected. The ensuing attention motivated the three to record like crazy and the end result was edited and assembled to create the band's debut LP, "Scribble Mural Comic Journal".

Using mandolins, banjos, noise, samplers, lots of cuttin' n pastin', and all of the normal band instruments, Philadelphia's A Sunny Day in Glasgow adds lush female vocals and dance-y rhythms to make dreamy pop music. Distorted guitars alongside Robin and Lauren's vocals glisten for thirteen storied tracks on "Scribble Mural Comic Journal." The album succeeds in marrying Cocteau Twins' other-wordliness, JAMC white noise, the best aspects of early Aphex Twin, and the jangle of "Strawberry Wine" era MBV to create pop music that somehow makes sense despite making no sense.

Ben currently resides in Montreal while his sisters still live in Philly so touring is limited but ASDIG will be going on a short East coast tour following the February 13 release date.


1. wake up pretty

2. no. 6 von karman street

3. a mundane phonecall to jack parsons

4. our change into rain is no change at all (talkin' 'bout us)

5. ghost in the graveyard

6. 5:15 train

7. lists, plans

8. c'mon

9. the horn song

10. panic attacks are what make me "me"

11. watery (drowning is just another word for being burried alive under water)

12. things only i can see

13. the best summer ever