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finds your way home (CD)

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If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and all roads lead to Rome, then either Rome is hell, or hell is on the way to Rome. But Rome is not officerfishdumplings' proposed final destination. When officerfishdumplings finds your way home, he takes you on a meticulously designed roller coaster ride through bouncy and poised, glitchy and clean, dancy and trippy, dense and spacious, firey and cool, far-east and near- east, equatorial and arctic, time and distance, rock and roll. He guides you all the way, but the ride is yours to make and keep. A detour from the ubiquitous tedium. A stroll through the 4th dimension. A potential utopia in the making... When you finally make it home, you will never want to take the old tired way home ever again.


1. my theme song

2. cage in a cage

3. elephant

4. six months

5. kitchens are for making food

6. folliculitis

7. blanket

8. me sure

9. diving procrastinator

10. just another lullaby

11. manbitalahraar