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One Winter is Notenuf (CD)

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Introducing Notenuf Record's second "winter" compilation, a warming collection of 17 tracks from our extended music family. When the forecast calls for freezing ice and snow and the trees become barren sculptures, its time for our winter series. This year is predicted to be the best on record! Drawing from all over the map, we've put together a collection of tracks that you'll be spinning well into spring.

The compilation begins with a warm blast from both coasts with Bitmap (Gentle Electric) remixed by SoCal's Adventure Time (Plug Research, Mush, and Phasmid's (Skylab Operations) east coast bubbly glitch-pop. Jon Sheffield (Tomlab, NTNF003) carries you through congested airports, while Chicago's Miles Tilmann (Consumer Research) layers his lake effect beats into warm, drifting melodies. Mercurial's drill-n-bass attack breaks into Languis' (Plug Research, simballrec) pulsing contemplation. Back from 9 months producing music in India, Illoin follows up his mystical 2003 "Pinafore" (NTNF002) with an explosion of guitars reminiscent of Sigur Ros. A debut track from France's CÚline featuring music by Ulrich Schnauss lays down like a soft layer of fresh snow for long dormant Slowdive fans. Later, Berlin's The Buddy System presents some of his most compelling sequencing yet with "Gravity Breaks". Brooklyn's Pandatone provides an early, unreleased version of his "Wondering" track -- perfect, bedroom pop, while displaced Moroccan officerfishdumplings delivers "Six Months" from his upcoming Notenuf release -- a haunting electro-acoustic journey through silent and still winter forests. After a violent ice storm from Acceleradeck, t. gureckis's ambient "Growing Grass" hints at the coming spring, while european wanderer Use closes out with his own style of stop and start beats.

The artwork for this cds is simply amazing. Each retail CD features a completely unique, computer generated tree printed on archival quality paper (concept and design by digital artist Jared Tarbell of and Limited to 500 copies, this hand assembled release will be sure to sell out so order soon!

featuring: Acceleradeck, Adventure Time+Bitmap, Lambent, Celine+Ulrich Schnauss, E*Rock, Languis, Mercurial, Miles Tilmann, officerfishdumplings, Pandatone, Phasmid, Shawn Feeney, tgureckis, and Use


1. spyrograph (adventure time's drifting line version) by bitmap

2. buhaba by phasmid

3. air supplied, toothbrush, etc. by jon sheffield

4. a final thought by miles tilmann

5. diabolical rotation by mercurial

6. pin by languis

7. the ships by illoin

8. black holes by shawn feeney

9. winter berlin by lambent

10. un reve by celine

11. gravity brakes by the buddy system

12. places by e*rock

13. wondering by pandatone

14. six months by officerfishdumpling

15. snowblind by accelera deck

16. growing grass by t. gureckis

17. midget bible, biometrics, and sunday drivers by use