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Jon Sheffield
Something Left is Never Far (CD)

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You may not have heard of Jon Sheffield before, but you should. He is a quiet soul from the tiny midwest college town of Columbia, Missouri and his releases have dotted the tiny-electronic-label landscape for years. Most notably is his full length It's Been so Long Since I've Seen the Ocean on then-fledgling Tomlab records; Jon's back catalog includes three other full length releases and numerous compilation appearances. Across them all he has developed a unique style which is some of the most emotive electronic music we've ever come across. It can be fun and playful and child-like. Or it can be sad, reflective and peaceful.

The strange lo-fi environment that Jon constructs has the ability to change the world around you. We recommend listening to Jon's music while, driving, while sitting in the sun in the yard, while walking, while sleeping. It'll make your surroundings come to life. Traffic lights will start blinking happily in sync. Leaves will fall gently to the ground. His music might remind you of somethings you've heard before (common comparisons are Mouse on Mars, Nobuzaku Takemura's Child View alias, or Sack and Blumm, among others) but is truly like nothing else. Weird, playful, dreamy.

Something Left Is Never Far has been in the works for the past two years. A good half of the album was written years ago and the other half came to us earlier this summer. The album flows from the opening textures of an electro inspired "Air Supplies, Toothbrush, etc" to the playful "Snake (in four parts)" which most prominently features samples from Jon?s biggest passion in life, his son Gabriel. "Things We Leave Behind? drops static atop a Wurlitzer crying for its long lost analog brethren while "Reaching Kisses" is an upbeat ballad of hope on par with early work from Múm.

This release is available as a uniquely packaged gatefold cd, with a limited run of 500. Artwork and illustrations by painter Kurt Halsey (


1. air supplies, toothbrush, etc.

2. call me smoky

3. snake (in four parts)

4. things we leave behind

5. reaching kisses

6. babies

7. the what hair song

8. soda

9. have the fun now, ok?

10. cactus bracket

11. dayright launch