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Pinafore (LP)

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pinafore is a re-release in conjunction with collision/collider records. formerly known as vertebrae (until a trademark dispute), philly's illoin recorded this album in a farmhouse turned recording studio in rural pennsylvania. utilizing accordions, acoustic drums, and sequenced electronics, illoin creates landscapes to worlds filled with sullen windmills and lighthouse ruins. andrew ryan met up with the folks at notenuf when he embarked on a month-long one-man show all across the U.S. his journey found him playing in cowboy bars, living rooms, and at the break of dawn to the joshua tree national park. when his sun soaked melodies and organic textures found their way to austin, he did nothing short of knocking our socks off. we are proud to share the deeply honest and emotionally genuine songs on "pinafore" with everyone who missed out the first time around

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1. toy box

2. broken things

3. kismet

4. the waiter

5. pinafore

6. the only book he ever read

7. ask the dust

8. darkwater

9. starmaps

10. winter songs all sound the same

11. i am never