The Buddy System

Kurt was born in 1979 in Sitka, AK. After 15 years of moving through logging camps with his father in Southeast Alaska, Kurt discovered electronic music through fellow skateboarder Dave Fuller (aka Buckminster Fuzeboard). He left the islands to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin and his endless passion to seek the best in his musical hobby, The Buddy System has grown to become a highly influential artist in Austin's ripening electronic music scene.

Among his many other side projects, hobbies, and studies, he also works with student radio 91.7 FM KVRX as their web-master and specialty electronic show DJ, and co-owns this very record label. Pedal is Kurt's newest musical project that combines the tonal originality of The Buddy System with the deep and lush rhythmic fundaments of minimal techno.

Kurt has a new site with new music located at, Check it out!

The Buddy System
Transitions (CD)

Out of Print

"transitions" was written over the winter and spring of 2002 while kurt was living and touring germany and the surrounding areas. this release is his most personal and mature yet chronicling transitions in his life. it is rich but not excessively dense, complex but not lost, colorful and coordinated; embracing catchy melodies and depth reminiscent of early-era mouse on mars. the buddy system composes with the precision of a computer programmer, but with the soul of the alaskan wilderness!