The Battle of Land and Sea

The biography of the Battle of Land and Sea is, of course, yet to be written. But if you want a story, we can tell you one.

Growing up in a remote northern Californian town as an only child definitely left its stamp on Sarah O'Shura's imagination. Taking piano and clarinet lessons was the extent of her musical experience until taking up guitar and singing in a band at the age of 19. Fast forward through years of day jobs, bands beginning and ending, shows, recording, and we are nearly there. The Battle of Land and Sea sprouted from a prolific weekend of songwriting and recording while holed up with said imagination and a four track at home. Sarah began recording as The Battle of Land and Sea in early 2006, with her delicate, sparse songwriting at the center and seeking like minded musical characters to help narrate the journey. Recording with long time musical partner Joshua Canny on electric guitar, they released a beautifully patient album that begs for repeated late night listens.

The Battle of Land and Sea have spent the better half of 2007 planting roots. They've found a home with indie label Notenuf Records who will re-issue their debut release, been a featured artist on MySpace and their new hometown of Portland has embraced them with open arms. With the worldwide release in January 2008, The Battle of Land and Sea will be touring North America and the UK in clubs and living rooms spreading the quiet word.

The Battle of Land and Sea
self titled (CD)

Out of Print

To describe the sound of The Battle of Land and Sea, one might call up images of abandoned sea-worn ships floating through a thick coastal fog. And upon first listen you might call to mind Cat Power, or the soft glow of Songs of Green Pheasant. But eventually, you start to hear what makes the music of Portland based Sarah O'Shura so special. You get a glimpse of a world through the eyes of someone on a musical pilgrimage, whether the tales are laden with sorrow or joy, they are enchanting and hopeful.