Hatim Belyamani was born and raised in Morocco, but does not hate freedom. At the Casablanca American School, he began his indoctrination at the early age of 3, but never learned to like Coke... or chewing gum. As a teenager, he stayed up late on Sunday nights watching Headbangers' Ball, but never saw a real mosh pit. He played in a heavy-metal cover band called Camel Spit, though he has never ridden a camel.

In 1995, Hatim left Morocco to attend a high-brow university, and has not repatriated since. While in college, Hatim turned a hatred for olives into a love affair, thanks to one treacherous martini. He also discovered an entire new palate of sounds, from the quirky jazz to the artfully punk, to the hippity hop, and to the intelligently danceable.

On a smoky night in the year 2000, Hatim Belyamani welcomed his alter ego into the world. The fledgling electro-acoustic sound sculptor was dubbed officerfishdumplings, for reasons that shall remain undisclosed here. Out of the embryonic years spent in San Francisco came the first EP officerfishdumplings talks, you listen, now a rare collectible item. The officer then moved to Austin, TX, where he performed regularly under various guises.

The live sounds of officerfishdumplings have been unleashed in San Francisco, Austin, Auckland (New Zealand), and Berlin (Germany). His debut album officerfishdumplings finds your way home was released on notenuf records in October 2006. A sneak peak of this material was featured on the notenuf records compilation "one winter is notenuf," released on November 8th, 2005.

finds your way home (CD)

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When officerfishdumplings finds your way home, he takes you on a meticulously designed roller coaster ride through bouncy and poised, glitchy and clean, dancy and trippy, dense and spacious, firey and cool, far-east and near- east, equatorial and arctic, time and distance, rock and roll. He guides you all the way, but the ride is yours to make and keep. A detour from the ubiquitous tedium. A stroll through the 4th dimension.