Jul. 17, 2008
fun of the century

hi folks, unfortunately we've pretty much shut down around here, but feel free to peek around for the ashes of notenuf records: a stoic relic of turn of the century austin, columbia, new york, philadelphia, and berlin music! If you are looking to contact previous notenuf artists we may be able to help get you in touch. If you are looking for a sunny day in glasgow or battle of land and sea (the last two bands released by notenuf records) visit here.
best, notenuf - ntnf

Dec. 21, 2007
holiday shipping

Hi folks, just a note that any orders received between Dec. 21st and Jan 1 will ship Jan 2nd (as we are out of town for the holidays!) Cheers! - ntnf

Dec. 11, 2007
new website!

Today we're launching a new design for our trusty site. We've started to out grow our old site design, and so thought it would be a nice time to start fresh. As most site launches go, please bear with us as we work out the kinks, but hopefully there aren't any huge problems. If you notice something not quite right, please let us know: info@notenuf.net. - ntnf

Sep. 18, 2007
fall sale

notenuf is doing a little spring cleaning in sept. and we've come across a bunch of near-out of print cds that were buried in our closet. the good news is that we're offering them up in an awesome sale for you! check out this page for a great fall 2007 package deal, or as you can see on our main catalog page, we've dropped the price for a number of our releases. stock up early for christmas! - ntnf

Mar. 09, 2007

we love receiving your demos. that's how we came across asdig. please send them along. we like things all over the map. personally i love dnb, techno, dub, drone, lo-fi, etc..etc...
send it here
we'll get in touch with you should something strike a cord. and our advance apologies as we can't respond to everything but we will listen to everything we are sent.... we promise. - ntnf

Mar. 09, 2007
mumbleboy video for e*rock's "places"

not so long ago we released a compilation titled "one winter is notenuf" featuring our friends: pandatone, languis, use, miles tilmann and many others.
e*rock's contribution was a track called "places" and in case you never got around to it, here's a reminder that you can check out mumbleboy's video for it here. you can purchase "one winter is notenuf" from us or itunes. - ntnf

Jan. 12, 2007
ntnf shirts

We made some nice shirts recently and are offering a few up for sale. Hand printed on heavy dark grey shirts, very sharp, very minimal. Click here for more info.

- ntnf

Oct. 22, 2006
digital digital digital

though long out of print, you can still find Jon Sheffield's "Something Left Is Never Far" (ntnf003) in the digital realm. buy it at any one of your favorite digital download stores including itunes // emusic // napster // or rhapsody //

very soon you'll be able to find our newest release officerfishdumplings "officerfishdumplings finds your way home" for digital purchase too. - ntnf

Sep. 08, 2006
divine procrastinators unite oct 10th!

notenuf is proud to announce our 6th release, "officerfishdumplings finds your way home." the enigmatic officerfishdumplings most recently appears on our latest compilation but this full-length release is seriously twisted. everyone that's heard it so far has been asking us more and more about this guy and what this record is all about.

all we really know is through electronic mediation, but officerfishdumplings (or OFD as we call him) is some kind of political prisoner or asylum seeker in the US, his alter-ego established because homeland security agents would be able to locate him otherwise. we think he is either from morocco or algeria or someplace in north africa. and the record kind of feels that way. it's like riding on a scooter in a busy, dusty street where there are no traffic laws with people with ghetto loud speakers and bullhorns shouting at noone in particular in a language you don't understand. it's strangely humorous, ambitious, and deadly all at once and we think you'll really enjoy it.

stop by oct. 10th and check it out. if you are a divine procrastinator yourself and are interested in helping to spread the word please email us and let us know. - ntnf

Feb. 02, 2006
intl. shipping

Due to the fact that international shipping requires us to phsycially deliver the package at the post-office, which in new york means a 1 hour wait time minimum, we are setting up a new policy of shipping international order only once a week (friday). This way we can put all the international orders for the week in the mail in one lump sum. So if you order a cd on thursday, it'll ship the next day. However, if you order on saturday, expect it to take a week before we drop it in the mail. Sorry for this inconvience, but hopefully it will minimally effect most people! (this also applies to orders place on our distribution shop). - ntnf

Dec. 15, 2005
thanks julie!

we wanted to quickly thank julie @ craftpaca for all her help in glueing/taping/folding/inserting the notenuf comps! - ntnf

Nov. 08, 2005
one winter is notenuf

over a year in the making, our second compilation "one winter is notenuf" is now available! featuring tracks from bitmap/adventure time, phasmid, jon sheffield, miles tilmann, mercurial, languis, illoin, shawn feeney, lambent, celine, the buddy system, e*rock, pandatone, officerfishdumpling, accelera deck, t.gureckis, and use the comp is a perfect compliment to the barren trees we are experiencing here in the northern hemisphere. each CD is individually constructed like a snowflake or fingerprint featuring a completely unique tree which was generated by a randomize algorithm -- courtesy of the brilliant mind of jared tarbell (complexification and levitated)). Limited to 500 retail copies be sure to get yours before the sell out. Maybe it's just us, but we'd love to get one for christmas! Please read more about this very special release here. - ntnf

Nov. 01, 2005
new releases in the shop

visit shop.notenuf.net
we've added some tastey new releases from two of our favorite labels, intr_version and subvariant. fantastic finds from forwardthinking friends. how's that for alliteration? - ntnf

Oct. 30, 2005
"one winter is notenuf" out on nov. 8th

friends, after years of hard work we are proud to announce the release of our newest compilation. entitled "one winter is notenuf" this collection of music features members of our extended musical family. including 17 exclusive tracks from miles tillmann, ulrich schnauss feat. celine, pandatone, accelera deck, e*rock, languis, illoin, the buddy system, and more... - ntnf

Aug. 10, 2005

congrats to my dear friend and notenuf co-conspirator, todd, who got his phd today! he's the smartest and hardest working guy i know. best of luck with your post-doc. - ntnf

Mar. 28, 2005
new track to download

as our dear friend andy prepares for this sojourn in india, he leaves us with a bounty of great music. we wish him well and hope you enjoy one of his many lovely offerings. check it - ntnf

Mar. 28, 2005

todd's brainchild shop.notenuf.net is growing by leaps and bounds. for dirt cheap you can buy music from intr_version, contact records, fatcat, plug research ... featuring artists such as vitaminsforyou, mum, animal collective, mice parade, terrestre, panda bear, languis, lullatone, dntel, etc... we also carry awesome jewelry made by our good friend liz . thanks! - ntnf

Jan. 28, 2005
jon sheffield on itunes

hi all, quick update. we are currently sold out of the jon sheffield release, however we suggest you head over to the itunes music store in the meantime and check it out there. here's a link directly to the album which will open up in your itunes program (if installed)

- ntnf

Jan. 11, 2005
jon sheffield / grooves magazine

long time no talk! pick up the latest issue of Grooves Magazine to read a lovely review of jon sheffield's something left is never far. or read it here.

also, as of today we only have ONE more copy of this release for sale before we are totally sold out. snatch it up soon. - ntnf